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7 news. >> we know you saw that garden on the white house lawn but that is not the only thing you saw. right? >> no. as walking around the family the first dog, bo came out for a walke[sand we've got the champ-to-see how well behaved the dog is now. so we've got a chance to meet bo. people paid a lot of attention when they took that dog into the white house. nee you there.e. thank you. >> i saw dan's picture that he tweeted out at dan ashley abc 7, you've got a show of bo on twitter. >> obama administration talking tough about cyber crime developing more aggressive pen yaltz for anyone involved. today announcement just a day after a secrecy firm set china's military may be behind
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a hacking ring involving 140 u.s. companies. attorney general says it has a far reaching affect. >> companies in silicon valley added over 42,000 jobs recording a growth rate more than three times that of u.s. economy as a whole. as any corporate leaders in this room can attest, this is a double edged sword. >> white house insists this is not linked to any specific government but says it will apply trade sanctions to discourage any trade secrets theft. >> families of high school students being warned after a eh a blood infection. a 27-year-old diagnosed and it affects the blood. the prints pal alerted them to
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that infection. officials say there is no outbreak. >> the disease is spread by close contact, me coughing right on you. it's not spread across the room. >> and the doctor posted information symptoms include high fear, vomiting and a stiff neck.[yq we're told the student is doing better. >> police looking for more witnesses and other possible victims in the case of a ta tae kwondo of instructor. he is free on bond. he's worked at the same redwood city academy for 12 years, investigators want to know if there are other possible victims out there. >> police trying to find a
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thief who stole a package from a door step of a house. z camera. police say there is no spike in cases of stolen packages. anyone with information that can help identify the man is asked to contact the alameda police department. >> a plan to build a hillside in contra costa county is developing into opposition. it would be built in subdivisions of san ramone. >> that is right. this is the alamo sem taerk it's 150 years old, and it's basically all booked up that. is why local developers say he wants to build a new one serving residents in this area for decades still to come.
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with existing cemeteries a local developer says the plan to build a large new resting place in this valley is the perfect placeway to address demands with supply. >> not enough space.&/oç people are dying. you have people guying in this area. where are you going put them? >> but this proposal to build a cemetery on his 221 acres east of dan value is facing opposition. >> i don't like it. >> rob owns a kennel down the road. he says he doesn't much like the idea of living and working near a kem tore but that is not hoiz primary concern. >> there is not enough water. i mean all of these properties around here on well stipss and every summer, these wells get drained down f they're going to put something across the road going to require large amounts of water ituucç could d
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ous out of business. >> it could include landscaping and a chapel. opponents gathered more than 200 signatures on a
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petition they plan to present to county supervisors who will make the final decision. >> thank you. an effort to clean out a homeless encampment come and backfired on the city. more homeless people are camping and this area is visible along spring street and to the approach to the airport. david? >> most encampments are somewhat hidden, located behind brush but this is in plain sight created when one government agency decided to make it someone else's problem. one of the first things they can see is a sprawling tent city popping up here about a ma mo ago after caltrans rout rousted the homeless without telling the city. many homeless moved a half mile away.
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the state dumped the problem on to san jose. the home fles flocking here nouz nou because of the open space. >> it wasn't as many now, yeah. >> so the city is preparing to do stwhait did, shut it down and move the homeless out. >> the smair in a hard spot. the city has no resource to dweel this. >> the city will have to foot the bill for taking down the tents and other structures. the city wril to haul garbage accumulating and posing a health right after this skpkt city counting on social service agencies to find shelter for 75 to 100 people. >> these folks are mobile ask will move from place to place. it does get worse if it's not tended to. >> the mayor is concerned that the site is near public transit and will be a magnet from homeless from other parts of the region.
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so the city will relie on the under staffed police department to encourage people from rye settling here. >> they're trying to give us the best tool and resources they have available to keep the area clear. >> estimated cost is about $40,000. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> david, thank you. >> coming up, we're wr live is sweet based on tweets. >> also, the reason the number of devastating qaikz around the world expected to triple this century. >> live from the roof of the kgotv broadcast center. i'm sandhya patel. back to sunny skies and dri. but when will showers show up again? i'll let you know when that possibility will return, coming up. >> and then, michael finney
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explain yg you might not need to sweat that traffic ticket if you're worried about insurean rates going up. the news at 5:00 continues in just a moment.
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a 1935 water pipe ruptured in san francisco north beach neighborhood at 3:00 in the morning. that sent thousands of gallons of water to maceon. city infect spectors say this happens all the time but an old, sprawling system the cold weather also contributed. >> we have over 1200 miles of pipeline in the city so. do prepare about five to 10 miles per year. >> it was capped.
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crews had to suction out mud and debris left behind by that water break. >> number of people that might die in earthquakes could double this century. researchers found catastrophic were killed have increased as the world's pop ligs has grown. there were seven catastrophic quakes in the 20th century. there have been four catastrophic earthquakes world wide since the year 2000. >> some of the biggest names in high tech putting their fort yunz together to recognize the brightest minds in science, mark zuckerberg were at uc san francisco,y+o÷ to announce the prize of life sciences. each will get $3 million prize. the goal to recognize top
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medical researchers. >> intent to catch attention of the younger generation to say... here is another area become becameus, wealthy. and do something spectacular by helping to cure a disease. >> the foundation will hand out prizes every year. >> that is very, very nice. >> it's nerve wrack whug get pulled over and worry about insurance ratesju.÷. >> one answer might surprise you. >> everything your mother told su wrong. >> about everything? >> just about this. >> that narrows it down. >> this is really surprising to me, a survey shows you're not likely to get hit with a rate in[[ojse for just one traffic violation. the study found only 31% saw
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higher rates after receiving a traffic tick yirkt however, rates do tend to increase for those with multiple tickets and serious violations like drunk drive sog if you do get a ticket how to avoid a increase? keep your registration up to date, avoid getting tickets and carriers will allow one minor violatvon every five( yearsxañk÷ before raising rates. lines at airports could be getting worse just in time for travel season. it's because of the $85 billion in spending cuts that will automatically take affect. cuts meaning fewer employees handling security. officials say expect to wait extra hour to go through security and get this... it would take four hours longer
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to go through customs and expect delays with fewer air traffic controllers. it's good to keech your children to call 911 one woman learned it's forn teach them not to call 911 without good reason. sth woman is facing possible jail time because her 1-year-old thinks it's fun to punch numbers on the phone. the bill girl dialed 911 seven times in one day, while her mother was out of the room. >> my daughter had 911 on the phone. i6f/hlained she accidentally call ootd mom had locked her phone but as you know, you can still make emergency calls dispatchers say there were nine other calls on the phone since january. m$@ and
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a year in jail. >> keep your phone up high. v >> go outside on the roof now. >> yes. >> sandhya patel joins with us a look at the accu-weather forecast. looks great up there. >> it's spectacular. this is my second hope it's clear, stunning up here. and our radar alock long with national weather service not detecting any moisture. we can have clouds around. but they're just scattered around the bay area and are hampltless looking akrots bay, gorgeous view right now in those temperatures actually running higher than yesterday by a good $5 to 10 degrees. it's 58 in oakland.
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mid to upper 50s checking out a different perspective we do have a few cloud«qaç from our camera towards ocean beach. and that is why you're seeing clouds. 60 degrees in nappa. here is a look at what is coming up. it's going to be a lovely day n morning freezing inland so sunny, milder for afternoon and dry patterns for the weekend or just looking ahead to weekend. here;" is satellite and radar. high pressure storm track staying well north so that means you can put umbrellas away and enjoy the sun. subfreezing temperatures, 31 in santa rosa. 30 degrees in
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nappa. mid-30s for concord, livermore, morgan hill. you'll notice fairfield 33 degrees. in san jose, 37 starting off the morning. jackets will do it. you'll need them. sunshine and high clouds in the south bay 60s in cupertino. santa cruz, 63 degrees, pin anyone slarks mid-50s low 60s, redwood city, menlo park 60. pacifica. 58 degrees. temperatures running closer to today's levels perhaps higher, downtown san francisco, 59 check out north bay. 63 in santa rosa. east bay, a nice day. starting out on the chilly side but afternoon, 60s in oakland.
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san ramone, 57 degrees. i hope you like what unsee. there are no refunds here. mid-50s low 60s. clouds coming through due to a weak system. computer models keeping it dry. sunny and warmer upper 50s to mid-60s. monday there is a slight chance of showers. one computer model wants to bring in showers. we're going to go with a slight chance. live from the roof of the kgotv broadcast center i'm sandhya patel. larry? cheryl? >> looks great up there. i'm going to do sports up there one night. >> come on up. >> i want to see you do sports up there. >> plenty of room. >> thank you. >> and you know that abc 7 is the only place to watch the
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oscars this sunday. our coverage begins at 2:00 p.m. you can countdown with our official oscars app, back stage pass feature will give you best access with a dozen cameras it is available for an droid and we're hosting a virtual party on our face book this sunday. all have you to do is like to us get your invitation, then get ready to hang out with 95,000 of closest friends. that sounds fun, actually. >> still to come what could be next trend in smart phones. it would be the last one you need to buy. >> then at 6:00 dan ashley asks the questions prez whether he plans to jump into whether he plans to jump into california's same-sex well, well, well.
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growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched.
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and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible.
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>> san francisco and san jose being looked at possible host cities for 2014 summer games, sending outleters to the mayors to see if they're interested inputting in a bid. san francisco, san jose and act among those 35 cities. u.s. posted in 1996 in atlanta. you'lly call cavin newsom tried to land 2012 olympics but efforts failed. >> newest trend in cell phones is clear. yes. clear as in see through. the edition of u.s. company poly tron unveiled this, it's made of conductive glass, scratch and shatter resistant. the battery is the only thaing cannot be made transparent.
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kpt working on making it smaller. they plan to introduce a tablet version too,. >> new study tracked down happiest city in the world it's here in the bay area. napa is number one according to university of vermont researchers. the study analyzing tweets and ranked them based on positive, negative words. and profanity ranks low and awesome ask amazing ranks high. santa cruz, number five, jant rosea, seven, san jose, 15. among states, hawaii came in first. louisiana was last. california? nice, ranked 13th. >> you know why they like napa? wine country. >> yes. >> we're going to go back to the white house in just a moment. >> abc 7 news looking at green
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coming up at 6:00 more from the white house conversation with the president, new tonight what the president sees as silicon valley role in the economic recovery. another negative review for the tesla. wall street weighs in on the losses and some of it, your money. michael finney tells us about an app helping avoid a parking fine. that coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> before we go let's go back to dan at the white house. dan? >> yes. thank you very much. it's been a fascinating day and i've seen a great deal. today, look who wondered by. first dog, bo, four years old, very sweet and well trained then first lady vegetable
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garden. i spoke to a white house chef. >> this some are, summer, it comes out of here. >> really? >> you serve? >> every night we'll pick it. they'll -- tomatoes, peppers and green beans. that is what is for dinner. i come down, see what is looking good and ready to go. then, i plan a meal around that. >> about 4,000 pounds has been harvested from this small garden, coming up more about my one on one with the president. i asked about prop 8 and silicon valley's role in immediate leeding the count troy a stronger economy. for now, in washington abc 7 news. >> thank you dan, dan is wheating a lot this afternoon he's a twitter machine. unstoppable. >> love the pick twur bo. check out his accounts.
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>> highly recommended yes. world news is coming up next. >> from dan ashley, hop on the roof thank you for inviting us into your homes tonight. next newscast is at 6:00. >> see new a half hour. this is "world news." tonight, triple threat. look what's happening out west. cars sliding on snowy roads, 30 million people facing blizzards, floods, tornadoes. heart of conflict. a government jet shot out of the ski in syria, and our terry moran is there. as abc's david muir makes his way into the secretive center of iran. credit card warning for 20 million people. phony fees companies are putting on your bill.
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how to stop them and save money tonight. and robin's journey. back on "gma." what happened behind the scenes? and what she did specifically to make sure she could start this day. >> i have been waiting 174 days to say this -- good morning, america. good evening. as we come on the air, a giant witch's brew of weather is marching across the country, arctic air, snow, ice, even the threat of tornadoes. tonight, 30 million people, 19 states from arizona to illinois are in the storm zone, under watches and warnings. and here are some pictures that tell the story. out in california, a school bus sliding off a snow-covered highway. and in arizona, a cactus is frosty white. abc's weather editor sam

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